Plant Guy. Dead.

Salsa posted Jun 9, 17

Kankersore Can you post the other screen shots you took as well with us lined up? Under raid forums or w/e? TY -Kank
Salsa PST if you are interested in maintaining our kill pics.

Half way done.

Salsa posted May 3, 17

Image result for mythic krosus

Credit to Curse of Years - EU Arathor - We essentially copied their strat exactly and Krosus fell over.

Kankersore Is Tallac the guy cussing in the green slime? I bet it's Tallac...

Spellblade Aluriel Dead

Salsa posted May 1, 17

Two things -

1) We killed Spellblade

2) We are NOT a German guild...

But if we were, the screenshot would look something like this: